Mindfulness at work...making the workplace better for all!

                                                                  Mindfulness at work...making the workplace better for all!


improving work from the CENTER…

Practicing mindfulness in the work environment offers measurable rewards.  Employers are usually thrilled to know this:  studies show that employees who meditate enjoy lower absenteeism, and are more productive when they are in the office.  From the employee perspective, there's all that stress reduction and improved energy and focus.  CEOs  benefit from meditation, as well.  Oh, and there's documented improvement to the bottom line:  Aetna has attributed reduced per employee healthcare costs ($2,000 per employee in 2015), and employee productivity improvements (an estimated $3,000 per employee) thanks to its mindfulness program.  (I haven't seen reports on customers, but it's not hard to imagine better customer from happier employees.)  Win-win-win!

In class, we practice different forms of meditation (one size does not fit all: scans show that different parts of our brains "light up" during different meditation styles), and cover mindfulness exercises to help extend that meditative peace into our real lives (so, what do you do with a co-worker who never/always...?)

Classes are offered in a series, usually 8 weeks long.  Harvard demonstrated that within 8 weeks of meditation, grey matter increases, and the amygdala (think: fear) shrinks

I also offer one-time workshops to help employees start a program of meditation of their own.  (Those are very fun and empowering for team members.)

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about improving your work life with a big dose of peaceful!