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Showing Up: Mindful and Heartful Even Though...

We love talking to each other about our favorite topic, mindfulness, and are thrilled to include you.  Let's call this a "first step."  We can't wait to show you the next and improved!
Thanks for showing up!


I teach Mindfulness 2.0 classes to all sorts of groups, and it is FUN!  

Mostly, my classes are dedicated to certain groups (it would be frowned upon to include you a prison class, a company health initiative, or private session!)  But contact me, and I'll help you remember your way to mindfulness!


Past events:

Science and Spirituality

Please join us for this fun and surprising class...yes, scientific proof of our connectedness IS fun and surprisingly surprising!



Gratitude Galore!


I'm excited to be teaching an upcoming Gratitude Workshop at Body Business on Anderson Lane!  Gratitude Workshops have turned out to be everyone's favorite (check out my June 12 blog about an attendee who used what she learned at a recent Gratitude Workshop to find her best weight-loss tool ever!)

When:  Tuesday, July 25, 6:30-8:30

Where:  Body Business Fitness Club, 2700 West Anderson Lane, Austin (I LOVE this place!  It's not just about building bodily strength, but inner strength, as well!)

Cost: $35 for Body Business members.  $40 for non-members.

Sign up here

I look forward to seeing you there.  Be sure to wear comfortable clothes, and--as always--be ready to laugh!




Science AND Spirituality

              Science now tells us that the  expression  of your genes can be influenced by meditation!                                                                            How exciting!

            Science now tells us that the expression of your genes can be influenced by meditation!

                                                                       How exciting!


My whole world rocked when I started finding study after study that supported my belief in Something Bigger.  Thank you so much, Science!  So, fast-forward to August 14th, when I'll be leading a workshop entitled "Science and Spirituality."  

It turns out, the two are NOT at odds, and in fact, science is measurably backing up what meditators, and believers in Something Bigger have known for eons:  consciousness matters.  And a Pew Research Poll even found that practically 60% of US Scientists don't even dis the idea of a higher power.  Come find out the (often hilarious) details from a wide array of sources: from NASA to HeartMath, covering topics as diverse as physics, chemistry, genetics, biology, and biocentrism.  No knowledge of chemical equations or physics jargon necessary :)  Just come ready to learn some surprising insights that may change your view of the world!

When:  Monday, August 14, 6:30-8:30

Where:  Be Well Yoga House, 1906 West Koenig Lane, Austin 

Sign up here: or call 512.658.2654





In May, I'm happy to be leading a workshop on my FAVORITE topic:                                            



Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.43.25 AM.jpg

Please join us for the fun, and learn how to bring so much more to be grateful for into your life!


The location is beautiful, and much laughter is guaranteed.


Be sure to wear comfortable clothing!






If you are in west Austin, you may be interested in my upcoming 4-week series at Sarasana, and look for this image:


  Sign up  for 4 weeks of Mindfulness in April!

Sign up for 4 weeks of Mindfulness in April!


On May 20 and 21, I'll be doing a 6-hour workshop at Be Well Austin called "Mobilizing Mindfulness:  Peace In, Peace Out."  Here's the description:

Even if we aren’t in charge of government policy or our neighbor’s idea of “beautiful” landscaping, we are—fortunately—each in charge of our own happiness!  This laugh-filled, interactive workshop includes lecture, discussions, fun (often surprising) exercises, meditation practices, and peace hacks (maybe the best part).

Meditation is one of the most self-helping, world-peacing things we can do.  By consciously superintending those 70,000-ish (same-ish) daily thoughts routing through our brains, we can remember our innate Peace.  But inward examination and release are only the beginning, they are the chorus of a new song.  “Mobile Mindfulness” moves us beyond zafu-sitting and into the world; consciously wrapping the peace from our meditations around our dailynesses.  And how that shows up every day is the new verse.  

This weekend is about the new verse.  How do we take responsibility for the conversation in our heads and outwardly bless ourselves and the world?  Join the fun and find out!  All are welcome.


Email us for more information on/to sign up for this fun workshop.


And if you can't make it in person... 


I love listening to authors read their own work.  If you do, too, here are some snippets from Already Here...I hope you enjoy them!