Just so you know...


Already Here took me four-ish years to write, and FIVE DECADES (and probably several hundred lifetimes) to curate.  My goal, my hope, my prayer, is to offer up my “study notes” in the form of Already Here, possibly saving you from committing mis-steps similar to mine.  Think of all the time you’ll save!

I’m sharing this bit of a disclaimer, because a dear friend who read the book must have forgotten my uncountable foibles that so abundantly paved my way to Now, and felt she somehow came up short.  This brilliant, kind, funny beautiful soul could never come up short!  Nor, actually, can anyone!  We are all precisely where we are supposed to be.  Phew!

So, again, these are my study notes.  Were I to chronicle all—or even a zillionth—of my mistakes, challenges, shortcomings, and idiosyncrasies, the resulting book would be so unwieldy, so intimidatingly gargantuan, so incredibly boring (due to the repetition of the very same mistake made so very many times), that not even my über-supportive mother would want to read it.  So, in Already Here, I trimmed quite a bit to focus on the outcome, the lessons I learned (so I could most efficiently share them with you).