Send Out Loving Vibes: SOLV

I’m not much of a Tweeter, but I’m always glad to send Love—especially with others (see Chapter 6 of Already Here).  Frequently I text friends and family (and vice versa) so we can simultaneously send out Love.  We don’t have to be in the same room—in fact, I’ve experienced plenty of “off-site miracles,” confirming that the power of Love does not require proximity.  

So here's my big plan for Tweeting:  send out regular Love Tweets…that is, I’ll Tweet when I’m about to sit down for a few minutes of sending Love, and anyone who wants to join in, can!  Together we can amp up the Love!  I’ll Tweet at random times, so people from all over the world can join in.  Even if you can’t participate at that moment, you can know that Love was sent, and happily feel the extra conscious Love in the world!


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Wherever you are is the entry point.