ChYL (Change Your Life) Daily


What I’ve learned from teaching mindfulness classes is that we can ALL benefit from a “Grab ’n Go.”  It’s a phrase that, like a bungee cord, can quickly pull us back up when we’ve inadvertently talked ourselves off an unhelpful emotional cliff.  “I can’t believe I did that.  I’m so stupid.  Nothing ever works out for me.  I ruin everything—like the time…”  A Grab ’n Go can snap us back from the negativity abyss, and offer us the chance at a do-over.  Of course, do-overs require an intentional new direction, otherwise, we might find ourselves in an infinite repeat loop!

The words we tell ourselves (and before the words, the thoughts) turn into our lives, so it’s crazy important to superintend our approximately 70,000 daily thoughts!  It’s probably not too easy to change all 70,000 of them at once (hopefully, they don’t all need changing!), but one by one, daily, cumulatively, they can—and DO!—change our lives.

I tried to find a social-media-ish Grab ’n Go for my oldest son—an insightful 17-year-old.  But most of what I found seemed oriented toward specific groups.  As he is neither an alcoholic nor particularly religiously affiliated, and definitely not a quote-hound, I discovered nothing I thought he’d relate to.  So, I decided to make one.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to do my darndest to Tweet and Instagram at least an occasional Grab ’n Go phrase, in the hopes that a quick and easy positive message can help us all improve our thoughts, and our lives, for the better.  I confess that I’ll likely throw some quotes in (I do LOVE a good quote!), but I’ll include lots of ideas and action-items that can be helpful in creating our lives in a more positive direction! 

My hope is that more of us can start the day looking for (and finding!) the Good Stuff, rather than, as one student in my class did, hear the alarm go off and immediately think: “Oh, %@?#, another day!!”

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I hope you’ll follow—and enjoy—the daily-ish Inspiration.