Hint, Hint

The idea that I know much better about eternal fabulousness, or even general good stuff 

than the Omniscient Creative Being, has been a tough concept for me to release as I 

change my mind to a bigger truth. (Right—as if I could imagine, all by myself, having 

such stunning miracles as my children, a butterfly wing, or my favorite Adirondack 

waterfall!) For years I said my prayers as if I had some insights that Universal Intelligence 

may have, somehow—inadvertently of course—missed. My ego and I just weren’t able to 

surrender to the idea that we didn’t know what was best!

Our prayers should be for blessings
in general, for God knows best
what is good for us.

This realization struck me like a two-by-four one day when I read a prayer request that 

instructed us to begin praying like this: “Almighty God, please help so-and-so do such-

and-such.” Thwack! Like the Big Guy—almightiness notwithstanding—missed a problem 

in our part of town and needed a friendly tip-off from yours truly. Considered through 

those goggles, prayers that begin with our insights to God seem a little, well, arrogant, 

don’t they?

Such prayers also imply that God’s Love is variable. And to confirm that Universal 

Greatness might not always be Loving, there are all those nasty reports of a “vengeful 

God” (famine, pestilence, lakes that burn with fire and sulfur—that sort of thing).4 With 

all the tales of God-generated get-evenness, of course it seems unwise to ask such a 

random and punitive dude for a favor and then mutely sit on the sidelines, hoping for the 

best. What if this particular request of yours is His chance to get even for that time you set 

off the fire alarm in eighth grade during finals? Or worse? No, not steering a vindictive 

guy with lots of dirt on us would be pure idiocy on our part. Right?

3. Or the Love that came with them! I was shocked when my oldest son arrived on the 

planet, introducing me to a Love I had never before fathomed.

4. “Vengeful” is not, however, a word I use to describe the God I know. Love doesn’t 

leave room for getting even—or even getting mad—because Love has no opposite!

Nope. Infinite Love does not change. Ever. And it is always maximal. We are the variable 

aspect of this equation! And God is certainly not spiteful! Love is available—ready and 

waiting for us—from our Source 24/7, eternally. How much Love we allow in is always 

the issue.