Mindfulness at work...making the workplace happier and healthier for all!

Mindfulness at work...making the workplace happier and healthier for all!


Why Mindfulness@Work?

Practicing mindfulness in the work environment offers

measurable rewards. 

Studies show that employees who meditate enjoy lower absenteeism, and are more productive when they are in the office.  From the employee perspective, there's all that stress reduction and improved energy and focus.  Of course, CEOs  benefit from meditation, as well. 

There is documented improvement to the bottom line:  Aetna has attributed reduced per employee healthcare costs ($2,000 per employee in 2015), and employee productivity improvements (an estimated $3,000 per employee) thanks to its mindfulness program (and it's not hard to imagine better customer satisfaction from happier employees.)  Win-win-win!

As a female business owner, I appreciate the impressive ways Center|Change helps improve focus, stress, and morale among the meditating newbies. During one series, a novice student even had her doctor take her off her high blood pressure medication!”
— JFE, Austin Business Owner

For women in the workplace, mindfulness proves empowering in important ways. According to research conducted at Harvard, women who practice mindfulness are perceived as more trustworthy, more charismatic, and more authentic than their non-mindful counterparts, even when instructed to exhibit “male-like” behavior. Frequently in a business setting, women who exhibit strong (“male-like”) traits, are perceived in a negative light, so this research highlights profound possibilities.

Myriad robust studies reveal that fully trained employees of any gender improve their physical and mental performance. The business reasons for improved mindfulness are compelling, as are the personal improvements employees experience.

  • Reduced experience of pain, physical and mental (meditators incur fewer healthcare costs, and experience lower absenteeism)

  • Better relationships within work and family

  • Greater sleep quality

  • Improved work satisfaction (translating to higher employee retention rates)

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Better impulse control (important for everything from interpersonal relations and accident reduction, to weight loss)

  • Fear of flying (head here for a fear of flying guided meditation)


Classes are offered in a series, usually 8 weeks long.  Harvard demonstrated that within 8 weeks of meditation, grey matter increases, neural networks—along with the ability to focus—strengthen, and the amygdala (the brain’s panic button) shrinks.

In class, we explain and practice a wide variety of meditation (one size does not fit all: scans show that different parts of our brains "light up" during different meditation styles), and cover mindfulness techniques to help extend meditative benefits into our real lives.

We also offer 3-hour workshops to help employees start a meditation program of their own.  (These are very fulfilling and empowering for team members.)

Past workshop titles include:

Einsteinify Your Brain

Bigger. Better. Stronger. Work-out Your Brain.

Quick Fix: Meditation STYLES for People in a Hurry

Changing the Dialogue: Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Science and Spirituality

The (Scientifically Documented) Magic of Gratitude

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