Meditation: Life Enhancement Training

At Center|Change, we utilize the latest in neuroscience to teach meditation classes AND mindfulness techniques to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Meditation is "in" because the benefits are crazily impressive, and now richly-documented by solid research. Intellectual powerhouses from The Mayo Clinic to Harvard University have confirmed these life improvements, which is why corporate wellness increasingly includes Mindfulness.

These are just a few of the companies benefiting from Mindfulness training: Google, Facebook, Ford, Genentech, Aetna, Intel, P&G, eBay, Nike, HBO, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co, General Mills, Apple, United Health Group, Deutsche Bank, Target, LinkedIn, The Chicago Bulls, Kaiser Permanente, the US Military, and over 20 law schools.

And here are some of the benefits they report from adding Mindfulness to their Corporate Wellness programs:

  • Workplace stress costs employers $500 billion annually.  Absenteeism, health care costs, and accidents go down among mindfully trained employees.

  • Mindfulness yields higher productivity among employees. One company gained a $3,000 upgrade in productivity per mindfully-trained employee.

  • Sales teams trained in mindfulness are more effective. And meditators are seen as having more “charisma.”

  • Mindfulness saves money. Improved health due to mindfulness training resulted in $2,000 lower healthcare costs per meditating employee.

  • Mindfulness programs create goodwill, competitive advantage, and a better reputation.  Employees increasingly value more balance, and seek improved work environments.

  • Satisfied employees are easier to retain (replacing an employee is estimated to cost 20-50% of their annual salary).

It’s not about changing who we are, but changing how we think, from our mindful center.  It’s the basic idea behind Center|Change.

Why not start the benefits now? Check out these brain-training ways to upgrade your life:


The Book

"Already Here is a passionately-considered and beautifully-presented work on staking your claim to joy and sanity in a world where so many are now convinced that the opposite must necessarily be the norm …There are those who may be inclined to describe Already Here: the matter of Love as an instant modern classic of its kind. They just might be right in that assessment." --Aberjhani

This small-but-mighty book is an exuberant guide to rethinking how we perceive the world, and opening up to the Joy that has always belonged to us.

Already Here is filled with life-changing mindfulness insights and try-this-at-home exercises guaranteed to bring more peace and fun into your dailyness.  See (and feel) for yourself!

Corbet's first book, Love Lessons from My Mom: Important Stuff I Hope I Never Forget, was published by Celestial Arts.


Through Center|Change, Kelly and her team teach mindfulness in corporate, academic, private, and correctional settings. They measure results, using key performance indicators specific to each business. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when your company or family becomes mindful:

  • increased sales

  • heightened perception of charisma by others

  • expanded productivity at work

  • increased innovation

  • reduced feelings of pain (physical and mental)

  • decreased levels of conflict

  • reduced stress

Results are measured within a few short weeks, sometimes as few as four. And, they are long-term and impressive. To find out more, read here:

This book should be considered required reading for anyone who is looking to make their lives happier, healthier or more peaceful. The book is filled with easy-to-follow exercises that are simple and meaningful.
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If you are looking to transform your life, this book, Already Here: The Matter of Love brings you immediately there. After reading this joyful book, I can see and feel dramatic improvements in all my relationships . These simple daily exercises bring joy, peace, and love in an easy, relevant way.
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Change your thoughts. Change your brain. Change your life.

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