Already Here:

the matter of Love


This small-but-mighty book is an exuberant guide to rethinking how we perceive the world, and opening up to the Source of joy that’s already within us! 

Already Here is filled with valuable mindfulness insights and exercises that can definitely bring more peace and fun to your dailyness...Try them, to see (and feel) for yourself.


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The Book

"Already Here is a passionately-considered and beautifully-presented work on staking your claim to joy and sanity in a world where so many are now convinced that the opposite must necessarily be the norm …There are those who may be inclined to describe Already Here: the matter of Love as an instant modern classic of its kind. They just might be right in that assessment."                                                                        --Aberjhani

Already Here is a book that makes mindfulness easy--fun, even!--in a world where peace and joy often seem elusive.  Through straightforward explanations, and try-this-at-home-and-everywhere-else exercises, Kelly leads us to where we started in the first place:  smack-dab in the middle of the joy-filled Truth of us!


The author

Kelly Corbet is a writer, a loud laugher, and an adventurous cook living in Austin, Texas.  She believes that Love is the most real thing about us, and in Already Here, she shares how to remember that.  

She teaches Mindfulness 2.0 classes whenever and wherever she can (because it's SO MUCH FUN!), so email us at with your zip code if you'd like to join in!  We'd love to connect you to a class in your area.

Kelly lives with some pretty awesome teachers of Love:  her super-smart husband, her two very funny sons, and a couple of ridiculously cute dogs.

Corbet’s first book, Love Lessons from My Mom: Important Stuff I Hope I Never Forget, was published by Celestial Arts.