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Center|Change: Change the How 

Many years ago, I founded a small, international environmental consulting firm. It was just when environmental regulations started to "matter," so my clients (mostly high-tech multinationals like Apple, Motorola, Varian, etc.), needed to re-think, re-engineer, and re-shape their old ways. Expanding how we humans think isn't always easy, but in my experience, it leads to BETTER. My clients enjoyed huge financial and marketplace gains from their willingness to grow their thinking.

Surprisingly, as a meditation and mindfulness teacher, I still do the same thing. Instead of thinking more broadly about a product, I now teach individuals and corporations to think differently about how to improve job performance, how to de-stress, how to breathe.  What happens is brain re-design (our grey matter actually grows and gets "younger"), which creates a list of benefits way too long for a webpage, but perfect for a better life!

The what doesn’t matter, it’s the how.  

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A bit more:

- Kelly has studied a few languages, including Spanish, French and Chinese, but silence has informed her more than any language possibly could.

- She's written two mindfulness books so far, Love Lessons from My Mom, and Already Here: the matter of Love. She's currently working on her third book about what she learned from teaching mindfulness in prison.

- She has a Master in Public Policy focused on international environmental policy from Harvard University, The Kennedy School.

- Her rescue dog, Hooch, is probably the best mindfulness master she's ever met (not to mention, handsome).