Mindful:  another word for Remember

Mindfulness is "in."  Meditation may be trendy - we all want more of the frequently-reported joy and bliss in our lives - but there's more than joy at stake.  The benefits of mindfulness (inspired by meditation), are myriad and now richly-documented by science:  fMRIs and other easily measurable confirmations abound.  Respected institutions from The Mayo Clinic, to Harvard University have confirmed the positive influence of mindfulness on most aspects of our well-being, including sleep, reduced rumination (depression and suicidal tendencies), better impulse control (for everything from violence to weight loss), upgraded self-image, better relationships, increased work satisfaction, improved grades, reduced experience of pain, lower blood pressure, and enhanced longevity, among many others... Corporations have even reported improved productivity ($3,000 per employee) and decreased health costs ($2,000 per employee) from implementing mindfulness in the workplace.

Through the practice of meditation, we remember more of our essence - even amid stressful jobs, social media mania, inequality, financial crises, wars, and the like.  We don't change who we are, but we change how we think, from our mindful center.  The basic idea behind Center|Change is that by consciously taking charge of our thoughts, rather than letting them take charge of us, we remember.  

Why not start remembering now?  It really IS easier than you think:


The Book

"Already Here is a passionately-considered and beautifully-presented work on staking your claim to joy and sanity in a world where so many are now convinced that the opposite must necessarily be the norm …There are those who may be inclined to describe Already Here: the matter of Love as an instant modern classic of its kind. They just might be right in that assessment." --Aberjhani

This small-but-mighty book is an exuberant guide to rethinking how we perceive the world, and opening up to the Joy that has always belonged to us.

Already Here is filled with life-changing mindfulness insights and try-this-at-home exercises guaranteed to bring more peace and fun into your dailyness.  See (and feel) for yourself!

Corbet's first book, Love Lessons from My Mom: Important Stuff I Hope I Never Forget, was published by Celestial Arts.



Through her company, Center|Change, Kelly teaches mindfulness in the most diverse settings:  corporate, academic, private, and prison.  Her students regularly remind her what the scientific journals espouse: joy is not only possible, but is the Truth of us. 

In her classes, you will learn how to:

  • wake up happy pretty much every day

  • feel more positive at work, and be more productive

  • reduce feelings of pain (and maybe high blood pressure)

  • find peace in situations that used to drive you nuts

  • improve the connectivity and architecture of your brain

  • reduce anxious thoughts that spin you around

  • breathe in a whole new level of peace...ANY TIME!

If your life is already pretty perfect, fabulous!  Thanks for setting a great example.  If you are ready to step things up to a whole new level of happy, peaceful and grateful, then please read on:

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